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Liczba przekładów: 625,
Liczba transliteracji: 149, Liczba piosenek: 4050, podziękowano 73993 razy,
Liczba spełnionych próśb o przetłumaczenie: 71 (dla 40 użytkowników),
Liczba wypełnionych próśb o transkrypcję: 169,
Liczba dodanych frazeologizmów: 924,
Liczba wyjaśnionych frazeologizmów: 2059,
Liczba zamieszczonych komentarzy: 1965

If English is a problem let it be known.
This is teamwork oriented operation. My mission is to increase and enhance the knowledge of cultures in the world through the facets of language and with mutual respect.
Rules of conduct:
*All critiques, or feedback that is positive should be addressed in public forums, with star ratings, and comments for peer viewing.
*All critiques, or feedback that is negative or could be interpreted so should be channeled through a PM so that there is confidentiality. The person effected has the option then to address the issue and by what means.
*Comments without a positive solution will not be acknowledged. Trolls will receive no replies. Accusations are not solutions.
Those who make it commonplace to do so will receive no thanks or votes, so it is in everyone's interest to work together. I am always vigilant of good work in many languages. This is a learning environment.
*If you need to vent, do not do so in 'Comments'. Send a PM and avoid the collateral damage. There is a time and a place for everything.
Problem solving requires: Identification, variables involved, teamwork action, and resolution. Succinctly put that means if you can fault find, you can problem solve. If you don't observe these steps then you become part of the problem and effect the efficiency of operations. Do not strive to become part of the problems of the world and fail our mission.
The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You...

***You are an ambassador of your country and your conduct is a direct reflection of that. Always remember that.***

(I have posted some of my poetry, search Ww Ww as the artist if you are interested. There are a few there for reflection.) If you have a poetry page and would like me to read it send me a PM and I will. Please tell me if you translate one so I will not miss thanking you.

O mnie

Please do not ask me to be a friend via that Approve/Deny kind of thing. I do not understand it very well and always feel like I'm letting someone down. I am the old-fashioned true kind who maintains integrity, compassion and patience. We will be friends based on mutual interest and respect. With me friendship is lifelong and steadfast.

If you have a real problem with English, then write it in the language you are most comfortable with.
As for SOP questions; you will be answered to the best of my ability. If I don't know. I will surely make the effort to get you an answer.
I have an vast array of language experience. This includes both current and historical languages. A formal continuing education and/or residence in those countries. Priority - endangered languages. As a moderator, I will build on continuing learning and good interpersonal relations here. Ones that will return to you a value for your efforts here, and that will aid you in life while benefiting LT.
I will assist anyone in anyway possible for as long as it takes to get the job done! I expect that if there is a criticism, there is a resolution that will be shared. If I make mistakes I want to know not only how, or why, but also what is/are the alternatives to review (in confidence). I am very open to 'catching hell'. It seems to be a life ambition:) Remember to err is human, to forgive - divine. You will be treated by me at all times with mutual cooperation and respect. If at any time you do not feel so let me know and I will try to resolve it in a timely manner.

Linguistics have two major cornerstones that are necessary through life. They are Diplomacy and Tact. Remember that the mission of here is to promote understanding in the world through common human experiences and values.
Life is learning...

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Liczba przekładów dodanych przez użytkownika Ww Ww: 625, Użytkownik Ww Ww przesłał tyle transliteracji: 149 SzczegółyWszystkie tłumaczenia

Unknown Artist (Dutch)
niderlandzki (staroniderlandzki) → angielski
ukraiński, surżyk → angielski
14  2
rosyjski → angielski
chiński → angielski
Clamavi De Profundis
łacina → angielski
Karel Gott
włoski → angielski
Clamavi De Profundis
łacina → angielski
Emma Kok
francuski → angielski
Ww Ww
angielski → francuski
czeski → angielski
Laboratorium Pieśni
polski → angielski
Marta Kubišová
czeski → angielski
Worship Songs - Various Religions
niemiecki → angielski
Karel Gott
włoski → angielski
rosyjski → angielski
Dominique Moisan
francuski → angielski
Monica Ciuta
rumuński → angielski
Ogin Bet Samo
nowoaramejski (współczesne dialekty syryjskie) → transliteracja
Fuyumi Sakamoto
japoński → angielski
Native American Folk
czirokeski → angielski
Native American Folk
czirokeski → transliteracja
Giuni Russo
włoski, łacina → angielski
24  1