Turvallista sotaa (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielski

Safe Warfare

"What if?" is my favorite phrase
What if you lose your temper?
I mean, like you'd lose your temper
You're so peaceloving, and I mean, I'm as well
But I need the other side of the coin
So I purposefully get on your nerves, I'm kind of demanding
Please don't get annoyed, but indulge yourself instead
You can say things like, "Shut up", as you do
And then something and something
'Cause we can always make up and hug
And I just need friction because it's my glue
It's just the person I am
A vain personality plus movements that are too fast
Make me rebel
You make me rebel
Hopeless to expect a restless one to tolerate peace
You make me rebel
Make me rebel
If somebody doesn't fight with me every once in a while
It definitely won't do
I won't accept it
I need safe warfare
Safe warfare
Safe warfare
Safe warfare
Safe warfare
Safe warfare
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Turvallista sotaa

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