Veux-tu danser? (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Do you want to dance?

I am only a shade within a shade wich dances idly
on the gleaming flagstones of the long triumphing paved stones
Nobody can believe me but can anybody see me or hear me?
I've heard myself say "and me?"
You cannot touch me because I carry the worst of the infections
I spread it against those who i love with the likings of the impulses
Never have i wanted to propagate this odious bacterium
Forgive me, I would not stay plastered in your lives
Why was it necessary that I would be a dowry of this terrible curse?
This dreadful syndrome that is of loving down to forces unnamed
More importantly why loving me in return?
Me, the poor magician who missed his last turn
Ho am I? Where do I come? Where do I go?
That is even clear to me as a sob in the snow
The accordion plays only its agreements on Celebrations
And he spat out his last note loss on my head
Solitude falls in love with my heart
Flayed by my dreams in tears
My soul is assailed by hundred thousand daggers
Torn by countless shavers
And you then? Would you still melt in my swollen heart?
Would you tell me you're still dancing with life as it lets you carry?
The dance floor is more slippery for me then ever before
You do not know who I am, me either but that is how I am appointed
I am the ugly makeup and happiness badly dresse
I am careful fever and joy scarred
I am the cross dilapidated and poorly wrought nail
I'm an atheist Jesus and Buddha tare
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First i have translated it to my own language (Dutch)
then I translated it into English.
i have done this because i wanted to know the translations to.
My english is not very good. it can be a bit vague but now you know what the songmeaning is


Veux-tu danser?

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