Wijs me de weg (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Show me the way

I searched for myself
In books and in far-away countries
That’s my life
But no matter how far you search
Nobody holds the truth
Show me the way to the new country
Show me the way, take me by the hand
Show me the way to people around me
Teach me to see that it can be done otherwise
And moreover with a better plan
Show me the way, the way for everyone
I searched for myself, here and in other countries
And have been in search of friends for eternity
I found the truth, but I’ve seen it stranding again
The stupid dreams, stolen by the time
What is this life? How far can you go?
Which one can help you? Feeling or reason?
The way you search for in yourself
Never stops, never stands still, lets you live
Show me the way to my own sense
Show me the way to a new beginning
Show me the way to love for always
Show me the way
Oh… oh… walk along
Show me the way
Show me the way
Show me the way
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Wijs me de weg

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