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Find me in somewhere dark.
I've been waiting for you the same ever since you lost me here.
I'm wearing someone else's jacket,
but I know you'd still recognize me.
Find me at a familiar place,
let's meet in Kuğulu(a park in Ankara).
Since you talked about me saying she's such a heartless person...
at least let's look at each other eye to eye even if in a tired way.
There are noises of footsteps on streets,
now it is forbidden for us to miss one another.
Now our photographs are lost.
Although I never told you,
we had so many more stories.
Remember you asked me that night,
and the answer was that, my biggest scar was your distance.
I would smile at the scar every waking morning.
I cared for the scar,
I prepared the scar for all eyes to see.
I cleaned the scar.
I didn't grow the scar by thoughts of you.
I belittled myself
I looked at the sea for so many life times.
I memorized its salt.
I kissed the scar.
I listened to the scar.
He said, ''I also have something like that(a scar)''
So I loved his scar. You reached out your hand to me.
Our dreams stayed hanging in the air.
It makes us forget about our scars but
the love that closed/healed the scar is even a deeper cut than the scar itself.
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