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Find me in a dark place
I am waiting like the day you lost me
I am wearing someone else's jacket
Even so you would recognize, I know
Find me somewhere familiar
Let's meet at Kuğulu*
"She is someone heartless" you said
At least let's look each other tired and upset
Footsteps on the streets
Now missing is forbidden
Now our photos are lost
Though I never told you
We had more stories
You asked me at that night
Your distance was the biggest wound
I smiled at the wound every morning
I care about the wound
I prepared the wound to other eyes
I cleaned the wound
I didn't feed the wound with imagination of you
I despise the wound
I looked at the sea forever
I memorized its salt
I kissed the wound from its hands
I listened the wound
I said it has me too
I liked its wound, it gave me its hand
Our best dream, hanging in the air
Makes us forget our wound
The love makes the wound bleed
Gave its hand that deeper than the wound
Our best dream hanging in the air
Makes us forget our wound
The love covers the heart (is) deeper than the wound
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Kuğulu (Swan Park): Public park in Ankara, Turkey.



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