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ירושלים את ירושתנו (Yerushalayim At Yerushotainu) (Tłumaczenie (angielski))

Tłumaczenie (angielski)angielski

Jerusalem, you are our legacy

The world and its fullness in six
Was created with abundant wisdom
And on the seventh, Shabbat with the condition
That along would come the nation of the sons of the Patriarchs
And will keep the commandments
And in their merit everything is worthwhile
Close to the year 2000
The heavens split
The chosen nation received the Torah
We were granted a dowry
The Holy Land
As was the intention in the beginning
In the sea and in the desert there were constantly open miracles
Fear and dread were upon all the nations
The walls of Jericho, with the blowing of the horn, fell
The Land of Israel, from the impurity, was then redeemed
Jerusalem, you are our legacy
We will never leave, you are the home of our lives
We ascend to the Temple even today
The land of our ancestors and us is forever
At the top of Mount Moriah
Is the site of the binding
Acquired by David for a lot of money
Followed by King Solomon
Who built in his wisdom
The luxurious Temple, all of gold
All the kings of the world came
They all bowed
To the G-d most high, great and awesome
With the work of the priests
The songs of the Leviites
The people were accepted before the divine presence
But because of our sins and our throwing off of the yoke
We were exiled from our country and everything was destroyed
We kissed and caressed the slaughtered like sheep
On the rivers of Babylon we wept in remembrance of Zion
Jerusalem, you are our legacy ...
Thousands of years have passed since then
Periods of crises
The beating heart, it does not understand
There were severe hardships, really terrible
Millions in the Holocaust
And with all this, my heart believes
Believes that another day will come
Suddenly, there will be heard
The sound of the horn from a distance
Will rise to the resurrection of the world
The patriarchs, too, will all
return with the happiness of sons
From heaven a temple will descend built on fire
The people of Israel never gave up
A day that is all Shabbat forever
That day, G-d will be One and His name will be one
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ירושלים את ירושתנו (Yerushalayim At Yerushotainu)

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