Ylvis - Man of a thousand faces

  • Artysta: Ylvis
  • Album: Stories From Norway: Skrik

Man of a thousand faces

I am Charlie, the man of a thousand faces
I can be anyone, anywhere, anytime of day
You will find me in unexpected places
Did anybody order a soufflé?
I can hide anywhere, behind that tree
Or wait a second, the tree is me
I master every language that is spoken in the world
Giddag, helli, hallei, hallu, hallå!
[Scotland Yard (Charlie):]
He is Charlie, the man of a thousand faces
(Bon giornio)
Special agent, pride of Scotland Yard
Our undercover man, who always has a plan
Who can find your painting? Charlie can!
[Charlie (Thief):]
Hello there, let me help you with your criminal things
I'm a criminal, just like you
(Are you sure you're not a police man?)
Me a police man? Why don't you fuck your uncle's brother's sister and suck on her tits?
(Whoa! Unpleasant language. You must be a thief!)
Well... I am...
Charlie, man of a thousand faces
(Suck your mothers tits!)
Special agent, pride of Scotland Yard
(Cocks and balls!)
Bird or man or fish
I can be anything, make a wish
With a hat and a cane and a suit and a moustache
And monocle and wig and a foreign accent!
[Scotland Yard (Charlie) {Pizza deliver}:]
He is Charlie!
With a thousand faces!
Male or female, plant or animal!
Master of disguise
Professor in telling lies
He is Charlie!
(Giggedigigg guddag!)
With a thousand!
(In domini spirito sancti)
{Did anyone order a pizza?}
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