Ylvis - Superstar in Norway

  • Artysta: Ylvis
  • Album: Stories From Norway: Superstar In Norway

Superstar in Norway

[Morten Hegseth & Journalists:]
Oh my God, have you heard the news?
Justin is in town
He can try to hide, he can try to run
But we're gonna hunt him down
Does he stay at Rica, Scandic, Continental of The Thief?
He just came from the toilet
Did he poop?
We don't know, but if he did, it is a super scoop!
"Justin talked to a Norwegian girl"
"Justin learned to say tusen takk"
I can't believe this is really happening
I'm gonna have a heart attack
Forget those boring stories
About Syrian refugees
We know what you want, and we'll give it to you
Justin Bieber, please
Superstar in Norway
"Justin tasted Norwegian fisk!"
Superstar in Norway
Grab that camera, get in the car
We gotta get a picture of the superstar!
[Hotel concierge:]
Attention! Housekeeping
Justin's on his way
Make sure everything is a hundred percent
So Justin gets a perfect stay
Pillow sweet
Plate of fruit
Norwegian shitting snack
Let's turn the minibar into a maxibar
Brown cheese, porn and crack
Tonight we're gonna touch Justin Biebers pants
Tonight we're gonna touch his face
And if you try to stand in our way
Don't stand in our way!
[Watch store owner:]
If Justin want's a Norwegian watch
He can get one here today
No pressure, he can do as he likes, but if he wants one I am
Here, all alone
I am here in my shop by myself
But maybe some day I...
[Morten Hegseth:]
Superstar in Norway
Breaking news: Justin on "Senkveld" tonight
Superstar in Norway
Way to go, TV2
A Justin Bieber interview!
[Thomas & Harald and Justin Bieber:]
He, she, it, is
English, yes, hello
I am Rønnis
Nummis here
And we have a tv show, hip hop
Do you want to take over the show?
Sure, can I sit in your chair?
Of course you can, whatever you please!
Amazing atmosphere!
Are you wanting some Coca-Cola?
Or questions about your career?
Yeah, I was thinking, can we do some sit-ups?
Of course we can, right here!
[Thomas & Harald:]
Superstar in Norway
Nummis, this interview is great!
Superstar in Norway
This is just like Jimmy Kimmelson!
Jimmy Kimmelson!
Superstar in Norway
Superstar in Norway
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