Ylvis - Tango Problematique

  • Artysta: Ylvis
  • Album: Stories From Norway: The Diving Tower

Tango Problematique

Hola Mr. Byberg
Thank you for your time
We have a tiny problem
No no don't worry
Your tower will be fine
Its just a tiny problem
Remember when we told you that your diving tower floats
Turns out not to be exactly true
But with a little money we will fix in no time,
We just need a million or two
The wind the waves the floating fundament are all just tiny problems
(Can you sign right here please)
The shape, the anchor,
The supply of cement are all just tiny tiny problems
(And also sign right here)
You know how we said it will only take two
Weeks turns out it will be more like two years
(And here and here)
But who's to blame, certainly not us,
We assure you, we are expert engineers
The flood, the tide,
The horrible delays, minor problems, please don't be alarmed
We'll install som fancy lights,
Move it to another site,
Everything makes sense it's just a matter of expense
Hamar the things I do
I do them all for you
Free dives for everyone
Diving is superfun
Hamar I love you
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