Если у вас нету тети ( Tradução para Inglês)

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If you have no Aunt (Если у вас нету тети)

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Lyrics by Alexander Aronov
Music of Mikael Tariverdiev
if you have no house, then there is no danger of fire in it
And our wife will not leave you for another man
If you, if you, if you have no wife, no wife.
Orchestra clanks with basses, trumpet-player breathes in the copper
Think by yourself, decide by yourself, to have or not to have,
To have or not have.
If you have no dog, it will not be poisoned with your neighbour
And it will be no fighting with a friend, if you have no friends.
If you have no aunt, you will never loose her.
And if you do not live, so you will not die.
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Comentários do autor:

For the non-Russian people: this song is just Russian sarcastic humor, not pessimistic point of view:)

Если у вас нету тети

NadiaRusiaNadiaRusia    Sábado, 16/07/2016 - 17:45

"...poisoned BY your neighbour..."