Я памятник себе воздвиг нерукотворный ( Tradução para Inglês)

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I've erect myself a monument not made by man

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Exegi monumentum
I've erect myself a monument not made by man,
The people path to it will never overgrow,
Ascended higher with it's unruly head
Than Alexander's column.
No, completely, I'll never die-in sacred lyre my soul
Will escape decay, my ashes will survive-
And famous I'll be, until under sublunar world
At least one poet will be alive.
A word about me, will spread across great Rus',
And I'll be called by any tongue they speak,
And proud son of Slav, and Finn, and now wild Tungus
And friend of steppes- Kalmyk.
And long I'll be remembered by the people for a reason,
That with a lyre, I've awakened kind feelings,
That in my cruel century I've praised the Freedom
And mercy for the fallen I've called on.
To God's will, be obedient, oh Muse,
Be not afraid of insult, don't demand the crown,
Libel and praise accept like nothing new
And do not argue with a foolish clown.
Anatoli Trojanowski
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Я памятник себе воздвиг нерукотворный