Ye Jia-xiu - 踏著夕陽歸去 ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Walking Home on the Sunset

From far away I see you at that end of sunset.
Holding an umbrella with small flowers pattern.
Evening breezes waft your long hairs.
Make them cover half of your rosy cheek.
*I'm like a weary returning sailboat.
Faltery slip into your open arms.
In the blue sky there are echoes of eagerly call out.
Kisses and ask you, are you still well after I left?
Come on, let us hold our hand and walk together.
Chase the gait of the sunset.
Walk on the path in the forest.
Cross over the small clear creek.
There is a small hut.
Waits for us walking home on the sunset*
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