Peggy Zina - Den Aksizeis (Δεν αξίζεις) ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

you dont deserve (anything)

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whatever i say, its obvious,everything is over for us
you are torturing me, you put your nerves upon me, uh, why arent you talking to me
and you dont look at me in the eyes
o,uh, you dont love me
o, and you keep hurting me
o, everyday you forget about me less and less
you pass me by, i dont know what you are asking for
you dont deserve any of my kisses,neither my hug
you break me you know it
you dont deserve my dreams, neither my tears
and time has come for you to suffer
whatever you say, you re never gonna find my kisses
wherever you ll go you ll ask for me, uh, you ll keep coming back to me
you ll keep asking for my eyes
o,uh, you dont loveme
no more lies, (no more)empty looks
i keep my fate's key
i m lost with you and i sense that
i have to live from the start again
you dont deserve my kisses
o,uh you dont love me
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Den Aksizeis (Δεν αξίζεις)