Maria Rita - E o homem falou ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

E o homem falou

C'mon, get closer
Because this home is big...
...and it is all for us
Let's clean the ballroom/hall...
... for a better parade/presentation
Let's take a special care of harmony *...
... and of our evolution *
A new age will arise from our union
A novelty will emerge from our union
(And, ok, you are invited but) come and...
...keep in mind that here we hold...
... the sun in the hand
And the shine/sheen of each person...
... is the precious good we have.
It will enlighten our mornings
Let's play this samba with the sense of union...
... with the breath/strength that a champion school has
We won't permit...
...anyone to disorder...
... our parade (i)
We won't permit anyone... come and spoil everything
Let's go, this is the time!
And we will win!
We won't let...
...some people spoil everything
And the party is just about to...
...get started
We won't permit...
anyone to disperse (ii)
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E o homem falou

Maria Rita: Maiores 3
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Fabio    Domingo, 02/01/2011 - 02:21

Evolução (evolution) is a query where you judge the speed and form the samba school's componets walk in the parade: if they are dancing, cheerful, moving and if they move close to each other on a compact way that looks like a single continuous row. Normaly, points are taken out of those samba schools that alter the parade speed, slowing or accelerating it.

Harmonia (harmony) evaluetes the interation between the official interpreter's singing and that of the componets. Samba schools whose components sing the samba wrongly, dissonantly or don't sing it at all have some points taken as well.

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