Sezen Aksu - Güngörmemisler ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


love is taken out ot circulation
Three revolution,three generation
let alone talk
even thinking is not allowed
lets not begin this subjects
it passed from us..lets shut up
7,4 or 7,5
earthquage is near..lets shirk
is it suit for us?
is it just,ice for us?
words became more decorated
they are swinging slowly
who get the horse,escape long time ago
happiness is distance from us
we would have saved,but we wouldnt
our pain still isnt finished
it is never suit
home account to shop
*evdeki hesap çarşıya uymadı'' is means our thinkings,doings whicever we did , didnt suit real life)
is it suit for us?
is it just,ice for us?
we saw burning
to force to die
both rear and snore under the party in power
in every condition
to stand very powerly
at least generation after us can see wonderful life
distrubance is touched each of us
world jobs are slackness
we are standing
our condition is mediocre
unluckiy it suited to us
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