Rafet El Roman - Sende Her Şey Yalandı ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Everything Was A Lie In You

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More than the tears flow
Drop by drop from my eyes
Different pain in all the place of me, bleeds inside of me, is hidden
Come, see, look, what you stole from my lifetime, what left
In you, love, affection, everything was a lie
I didn't live a happy love
Did I want too much from you?
You cruel, wasted the lifetime
The road that I know are closed
Everywhere I looked got dark
inappropriate, you're gone, left suddenly, cruel
Soul is offended, soul is tired
The heart is totally right
In you, love, affection, everything was a lie
Why can't I think someone else
When I wake up?
Your existence and absence both is same world, same trouble
so happy, so drunk
The first sight, the first kiss
Who would've thought that in you, love, affection, everything was a lie
Çok mu şey istedim senden
Baktığım her yer karardı
Yersiz, ansız çektin gittin hain
Gönül yerden göğe haklı
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Sende Her Şey Yalandı

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