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Hier Sind Wir

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he we are & we believe in things
from that out with the barrow
out of the dirt, it must go
there is only one thing we want
that we're first in the trip
we'll overrun you
it was a year ago, Jens & Matthias came to me
through the door
& said
here we are
& we want to stay a while
spend some time
& write the new Die Prinzen hit together
then Ali came along
& I said: you
with us makes four
I was curious to see what happened
but then we didn't compose anything
just thrashed things around
we were frustrated
but then it happened
Jens sat across from me
& it was cramped there
suddenly it went bang
he went to the piano
Und spielte diesen Refrain
& played this refrain
well we've been hearing the questions
from various people
what's that supposed to mean, they'll say
what are the things, which barrow
must go & out of which dirt
& for what reason
so we've had a scare
but then we sang the chorus
of this song to an old familiar
record boss
& he got it, was all ears
& said we would land a huge hit with it
Please sing it again
& he sang along without any prompting
it was after all no different for us than for everyone else
everyone's happy to do a favour for his boss
we don't know, how you are with it
because to this day nobody understands these words
to be sure it's artfully framed with our vocal harmonies
but we're still looking for cohesion
so firstly, don't worry about it
& in waking moments whip out your pens
& send us cards
we're waiting for your report
whether you're pleased or not
when someone says it's rubbish, preferably be quiet
we're nowhere near quiet
we're simply living in a free land
we're charming & tolerant
& here everyone can sing what he wants
oh man – you have no choice – never mind
we'll just sing it again
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Hier sind wir

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