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Longing to be on your skin

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Alone in the hole on the rock in the middle of the smoke
i listen to strange voices
cars don't stop
Humility readswatches the clock
measures the time
taxi can still come
the queue can take some time (to move ahead)
Longing to be on your skin
Longing to be attached to you [or like really really close,i dunno how i'd put it.. ]
wanting to be in your head
need to wanting [okay,i really don't know about this one..]
Longing to be on your skin
spend next to you
Delusion of persecution draws devils on the walls
Sure of the worst already
Heart beats
Phone keeps quiet
Magazine drops [to the floor, like when it comes in the mail,that's how i understand this one...]
and the city behind the window starts to live
And fear on the side
i waste my night staying awake
hour by hour
i wait for time to pass
longing to be on your skin
spend next to you
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Ikävä ihollesi

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