Jeden Osiem L - Jak zapomnieć ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Jak Zapomniec

How much would I give to forget you
All of the moments that are for no because I want, beacuse I want
Don't think about it, blow all of the memories
like a lingered dust
simply not remember
situations, when my heart kneel down
I know
I won't breake free, even If I want it so much
I hope you know it as well.
I see you again in front of my eyes
I can't fall asleep again, overtaken by my dreams
I devote everything to a thought, that once you used to be close
When I felt you next to me, I felt that I have everything
All that is left after me is you and plenty of memories
How much would I give to be able to forget it
Now, there is no us and I dont want to be where you are
you will stand in front of me again, you always do it when I'm asleep
I will watch you going away, even if I want to look away
I will think how much would I give to someone, who could turn back time
who would stop the clock's hands for that only moment
in the minute that I've met you
I would go in the other direction
It was a daydream, when the memories came true
Everything so real, moments passed so quickly
Only us closed between four walls, and in general
You was important next to me and I felt calm
Do you remember those days, whole months
You remember, you want to forget, I can't, I know that I'm getting lost
Stories that were cherished once, you, me and silver tray
It used to frightened me, I don't want to come back to this
Athmosphere of vitiation in the air, you lose those fifty percent
I want to forget about you, to blur those nights in my memory
I want the moments, that I used to call gold, to fall in oblivion
Those memories are a tambac, cause I already know what was next
My thoughts backed up around one moment
Once this short could please my time
Now, I'm standing like next to it, keep looking on
It's not making me happy as it used to, I reminisce, think where I'm going
Different aims in life, different plans and desires
I have to change everything, like the time changes everything
Things that happened won't come back, I know that, but sometimes I have hope
Why shall I remember old times
I know this
I can't forget how good it was
I know this
It's over, my own funeral
I know this
And I ask God not to let
someone to get inside my heart any more.
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Jak zapomnieć

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