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The irony of destiny wants that I’m still here, thinking of you
In my mind (there are) repeated flashes, moments lived with you.
Much time has gone by, but everything is (looks) so sharp
So clear and limpid that it seems like yesterday
Yesterday, I wanted to read your thoughts
Peek every little part of them and avoid to be mistaken
Become the ideal man (for) every time
But that day, I’ll remember one day,
You told me: I don’t know by now if I love you or not... I’ll leave tomorrow
It’ll be easier to forget… to forget
And now, what will you do? You answer: I… I don’t know.
Then I read your glance as a “goodbye”
Without asking why I walked away from you
But I ignored that after all it’ll never end
** I was broken into pieces, but a sketchy smile
Hid the signs of every scar
No detail which could reveal, when seeing you again,
How bad I felt
Four years passed in a hurry and
I like you like all the time… maybe even more
You told me: I know that it’s a contradiction but
Love is not rational... we can’t understand it
And hours (spent with) talking, then we made love
And it was like dying… before going
I’ll never be able to forget... to forget
Endlessness, do you know, what it is?... An unreachable end or aim
That you’ll pursue for all your lifetime
But now what will you do? Now me…. I don’t know… we (are) endless now I only
I only know that it’ll never be able to end
Never, wherever where you’ll be, wherever I’ll be
We’ll never give up
If this is love… it is endless love
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