El Chapo de Sinaloa - Ladrona ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


It's been so long since I've looked back
because your arrival has come to change
all of my suffering to beautiful moments
with [your] kiss, [your] caress; I love you
with your entire body, you ignite my passion
of my heart, you are the engine
there aren't enough words to describe this love and everything I feel
I cannot take
imagine your not being here
I need you always and forever by my side
You've turned into a thief of my thoughts
at night you rob me of more than a simple kiss
you stay with my aroma and every moment
your caress elevates me up to the very heavens
You've turned into my obsession but I don't regret it
and the thing is you've already robbed me of even my feelings
I had never felt for anyone what I feel now
You've turned into a thief of my body
Con todo tu cuerpo enciendes mi pasion
faltarian palabras para describir este amor y todo lo que siento
te necesito siempre y para siempre junto a mi
me robas por las noches mas que un simple beso
me elevan tus caricias hasta el cielo
y es que ya me robaste hasta mis sentimientos
Te haz vuelto una ladrona de mi cuerpo
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