Pavel Stratan - Liza ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


Once Liza liked a man
The man Was Ghita, yes, but Ghita was married
As envy Liza used to drink glass after glass
The jug was empty but she filled it with gin again
And at least Nina's Ghita wouldn't have been such a donkey
And say "no", to be all clear
But because of him, cause the girl loved him
She's not happy, but Ghita is
Mom, what happened last night with Ghitza, i will tell only you
But I thought that Ghita behaves the same when he is drunk and when he's sober
But when i saw his hands touching my dress
I udnerstood it wouldn't be nice what Ghita is doing
But when I asked him " do you love me", he said he does
I say " Ghita, honestly, aren't u kidding?" , he said he is not
And as I was happy he liked it I forgot I was Liza
But if dad finds out, you know what he will do, for starters my suitcase
The story is not yet over
Let me tell you now what happened
The second night in the bar, but with one more day
The same Ghita sits with another broad
and tell her don't know what, but when to give her flowers
Liza came through the door with girdle a in her hand
But what happened further on was unbelievable
You have to see it to believe it
To see it...
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