Lara Fabian - Meu grande amor ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

My great love

I dreamed
And waited
For your love
And my heart got used to
Dream about you
And suddenly I have found you
I saw in your look
The passion I have dreamed for me
When I saw you
I believed
That love
Wasn’t only a dream of mine
(a dream of mine, a dream of mine)
I woke up
And the whole world inflamed
Do not stop to shine
And if my look
Only sees yours
I have found
My great love
It may rain
The sky may fall
Because nothing will
Take away what I have kept
Inside of me
And only thinking of you
Of the love that guides
Our hearts
If the world hides you
Behind walls and prisons
I will find you
My great love
Only fools can think
That love lets itself to be mistaken
Nothing could
Change the passion’s paths
It was it (the love) that chose us
Neither did you, nor i
My great love
Great love
It happened
It was written like this
Me in you, you in me
I have found you
My great love
Great love
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Meu grande amor