Mulla menee hyvin ( Tradução para Inglês)

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I'm doing ok

Strings are broken, I've been fallen
4 days poured down to drain
And credit cards gone forever
And banking cards planed broken (here „plane“ means „carpenter's plane“)
I'm doing ok
doing well going ****ing down
I'm going fast
going fast going ****ing down
My wife went away, when child screamed
Five feet, few too many
And I am at my windy job seat
Warnings are dropping
I must put my bosses in order
We play well
play well going ****ing down
We play hard
Hard going ****ing down
ja lujitamme hyvää
Vitutamme lujaa
We are ****ing hard, hard going ****ing down, yeah
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Mulla menee hyvin

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