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On one of these days when I tend to think
"Today will be the day least thought about,"
We passed by each other, you decided to look,
Into the little blue eyes now going by next to you
From the moment I met you
To quickly sum up Time of Silence
I swear to you I haven't again said to anyone else
That we hold the world record for loving each other.
That's why I waited with my little face soaked
For you to arrive with roses, with a thousand roses for me,
Because you know I love those things
No matter how silly; that's how I am.
And I still can't believe that my life should escape by
Imagining you will come around here
Where every Friday afternoon, as always,
Hope says "be still, perhaps today is [the day...]"
Escaping one night from a yawn of the sun
You asked me to give you a kiss.
My love being so inexpensive,
What would it cost you to shut me up with one of those.
Six months passed and you said goodbye,
A pleasure coming together in this life.
There I stood, my heart in one hand,
And in the other excuses that not even you could understand.
And the thing is I am starting to think
That true love happens only the first time.
And the thing is I am starting to suspect
That the others are only [there] to forget.
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