Element of Crime - Seit der Himmel ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Since the Sky

I do nothing but sit behind the house now
In an old deck chair
And smoke is coming out of my mouth
And out of both my nostrils, too
I blow it to where the wind
Is forming a birdhouse out of it
The next winter will come for sure
And then, I want all the birds to be happy, too.
Nothing works for me anymore,
Because everything is turning around you
Since the sky every morning
Is wearing the color of your eyes.
I hear the rustling of every tree,
That moves in front of my sun
And threaten it with getting a saw
If it won't be saying something nice soon
Something like that a single hair of yours
Is stronger than a rope made of hemp
And weighs heavier than twenty beers.
I'd like to prove that if I had one here.
I've seen you only yesterday
And I'm going to do it again tomorrow
Until then I just stay here,
Like something that an old dog would deposit at your door
Because it's a small piece of rotten wood,
Which the dog quite liked,
When it was lying in a pile,
That is rising to a green sky next door.
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Seit der Himmel

Element of Crime: Maiores 3
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