Marc Anthony - Suceden ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


they happen, many strange things
everytime i look at you
a strong tremble agitates me
(me robosa)* of cold
a laugh escapes
contemplating your hair
and is born to me a desire to tell you
what i want you
they happen, important things
everytime i hug you
my life caught from pleasure
gets free in your hands
a sweet flavor to affection
is growing in my mouth
and i feel that i’m going to die
as i have wished it
muchas cosas suceden en mi
importantes, para la ocasion
se desata el amor, el querer
amarrado aqui en mi corazon
muchas cosas que no se entender
muchas cosas que no se decir
solo se que me siento dichoso
amandote asi
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