Unknown Artist (English) - Haylee



Haylee tangles up my thread,
Haylee lipsticks my mirrors red,
Haylee spills milk on her chair,
And scatters crackers everywhere!
Haylee's tiny fingers twine
All around just one of mine,
Three of Haylee's footsteps take
Only one of mine to make.
Haylee loves all little things,
Butterflies and bugs and dolls and swings.
All the world's a wondrous place,
Mirrored in her angel face.
Haylee has her own sweet way,
And we love her more every day.
No matter what the world may see
She'll always be 'sweet angel' to me.
Haylee has gone to Heaven above
Where she's surrounded by peace and love.
Her Pop was waiting with the angels there
To guide her to Jesus with loving care.
Haylee is dancing with joy in her heart
And like all the angels she's singing her part
In Heaven's great life song she's clapping her hands
'Cause she knows that one day we'll be together again.
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