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Be aware of the man

And that night was dark as as the coffee is.
It didn't bother
And the sea was so cold, that James' stone was frozen (James=Jaakko: Jaakkos's stone is Finnish old folk tale, where Jaakko throws cold stone in the water and then water turns cold)
And I boasted without my clothes in the water line (boasting=when you want attention, want to be seen by others)
with blue testicles Tongue smile
I spied on you silently, picking you out from crowd woman with blue eyes
And someone came to the beach with a bag Bottles of glass
And your old man screamed: „I am one big vessel“ (vessel like a dish or bowl, where you can pour liquid)
He started to shake and it seemed weird to me
He will not go insane so often, so you would see this too, woman with blue eyes
Be aware of this man, he is bad in his mouth
Be aware of this man, he thinks himself, he is pleasant
Be aware of this man, radiant ring on his head
Be aware of this man, he has katana as his tongue (katana is a Japanese Samurai sword)
So we got „punished“ by morning It revealed to us the dirty beach
You was already passed out
But your old man was still horny
And he was not ashamed at all, even if night took away his spot of hiding
The rest of us stared very silently, as they took you away, bluish-white woman...
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Varo miestä

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