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Africa, volcano, woman, man.
Neanderthal, the woman turned around.
Flower, cavern, panther, black water.
Flower, cavern, panther, black water.
Let me enter Africa.
Out here there's too much logic.
Let's allow music to be.
I know you're not that angelical.
There's a barbaric invasion
in your galactic dance.
The wind of stars bears fruits
when the mystical is physical.
The moon is full over the world.
Life trembles inside you.
A flood on your back.
There's a solar system of vertebrae and sea.
Let me enter Africa.
Dancing is a political move.
The darkness has a poetic view.
We're in a harmonious orbit.
In your elliptical soul,
there is a spring of music.
Covered in cosmic dust,
let's go to be born in Africa.
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