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Αχερόμπασμαν (Aherompasman) ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Kika Georgiou (Κίκα Γεωργίου)
  • Música: Αχερόμπασμαν (Aherompasman)
  • Traduções disponíveis: Francês, Inglês
Grego (Cipriota)
Grego (Cipriota)


Αχερομπάζω κι έρκουμαι
αυκήν στον μαχαλλάν σου
να δω τα μαύρα μμάθκια σου
ν'ακούσω την λαλιάν σου.
Έχω κοντά σου μιαν ριτζιάν
και καρτερώ να πιάσει
ν'αφήκεις το κορμάκιν μου
στ'αγκάλια σου να πνιάσει.
Ξύπνα δκιαμαντοπούλα μου
κι'ήρτα στην γειτονιά σου
να δώ ίντα εννά μου κάμουσιν
τα γειτονόπουλά σου.
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I am stocking the straw

I am stocking the straw and I am coming
over your neighborhood at dawn
to see your black eyes
to hear your voice.
I have a wish regarding you
and I wait for it to be fulfilled
(I wish you could )let my poor body
rest in your arms.
Wake-up my little diamond
for I came to your neighborhood
(i'm just wondering) how your little neighbors
are planing to treat me (this time)
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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