Siri Nilsen - Alle snakker sant ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

They All Speak the Truth

Where should you go
when every road leads to a wall
and in the wall is a dent
from old encounters with your head?
who should you listen to
when they all speak the truth, saying «listen»
and you’ve heard it a thousand times before
and you wonder:
where should you go?
you need to find a new road now
the trains are running
and other people manage very well
to catch the right train at the right time
you always wake up in the wrong town
how long can you keep hoping
when you think you’ll finally make it
but your feet only want to take you one way
and you wonder:
where should you go?
you need to find a new road now
when you can’t find the strength to fight any more
you close your eyes and see black
there are no marks on your map
who should you defeat
who should you conquer in a duel
when you’re only fighting yourself
again and again?
how many times should you walk
the same road time after time
because it’s the only one you know?
and you ask in your clearest voice:
where should you go?
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straight from the source Regular smile
I would've made some really minor adjustment in the translation, but hey, she wrote it herself.
quite a nice song.


Alle snakker sant

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