Shakira - Antología ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


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In order to love you I need a reason
and it is difficult to believe
that it doesn't exist one more than this love
excess so much inside of this heart
that to think of what they say
that the years are wise
still the pain feels itself
Because all the time that I passed together to you
Left knit your thread inside of me.
And I learned to take them from the time the seconds
you made me see the sky more deeply
Together to you I believe that I increased of three kilograms*
with your so much sweet kisses delivered
You developed my sense of smell and
It was for you I learned to like cats
You removed from the cement my shoes
in order to escape the two flying for a while
But you forgot a final instruction
because still I don't know how to live without your love
And I discovered what a rose signifies
You taught me to tell merciful lies
in order to see you now not sufficiently
And to replace words for looks
and it was for you that I wrote more than one hundred songs
I even forgave your mistakes
and I know more than a thousand forms of to kiss
and it was for you that I discovered what it is to love
what it is to love. . .
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*three kilograms is about 7 lbs.