In the bag

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In the bag (Inglês) — Something is wan by advance

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In the bag — Zagarantovan uspeh. Gotova stvar. Svršen posao. Nema da omane.

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Traduções de "In the bag"

FrancêsC’est dans la poche
Francêsc'est dans la poche
Francêsl'affaire est dans le sac
Gregoτο'χω στο τσεπάκι
RussoДело в шляпе

"In the bag" em letras

Ah, I'm going to the sea
With the cap turned on my head
And with the sneakers on my feet
In the bag I have two togs
Near the accommodation / lodging money
I don't need a compass because

Connect-R - Don't sleep in the summer time

he stood up when I approached him
once up he was really smaller
I thought to myself, "it's in the bag!"
That cutie he's for my bed
He came up to my shoulder

Boris Vian - Fais-moi Mal Johnny

only some-, somewhere in there, like everyone, like everyone alone!

Such a long, long separation, you say, we'll keep in touch.
You were, you were gonna be a band and you had it, you had it in the bag!
But unfortunately, unfortunately, no one will tell you straight out:
What next, what next when you've done it all?

OOMPH! - We Reap What We Sow

Ah, I'm going to the see
With the cap turned on my head and with sneakers on my legs
In the bag I have two clothes near the money of lodging
I don't need a compass cause the sun is guiding me

Connect-R - Don't sleep in the summer time

I am the hand that holds the flag
I am the pickpocket in the centre
I am the bomb in the terminals
In the bag left behind
I am the first cold rains
I am the frost where nothing grows

Kent - La Belle Epoque

Everyone on the run, where she come from?
Got gold on my necklace, gold on my wrist
Gals getting mad cause the boys wanna kiss
Fast with the cash I just throw it in the bag
Everything I wanna have, well you get the gist

CL - Lifted

I pour a sip on the concrete, for the deceased
But no don't weep, Wyclef's in a state of sleep
Thinkin' 'bout the robbery, that I did last week.
Money in the bag, banker looked like a drag
I want to play with pelicans from here to Baghdad
Gun blast, think fast, I think I'm hit

Fugees - Ready Or Not

Stopped me in my tracks I have to know your name, know your name
(Nik nak patty gotta find your swag, you and me together is a match)
Tell me baby why you making me wait all day, all day
(Nik nak patty gotta find your swag, you and me together girl we got it in the bag)

You're like my favorite song

Cody Simpson - All Day

Or even mess with, the Prez she says was next on her list
And believe me, you, it's as good as true
There ain't a man alive that she couldn't get next to
She had it all in the bag so she should have been glad
But she was mad and sad and feelin' bad
Thinkin' about the things that she never had

Salt-N-Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex

No one will write on the wall a love story.

But if you still want to leave me,
The memories will go in the bag to torment you.

Luan Santana - Memories will go in the bag

I sense Bonnie and Clyde was two kids
So good at being bad, bad, bad.
I'm flirting with the check-out counter, baby,
You put the money in the bag.

So tonight are you gonna be my soldier?

Lana Del Rey - Live Or Die

He stood up when i came up to him
Once on his feet, was much shorter
I was thinking, "it's in the bag!"
This cutie here is for my bed
His height stood up at my shoulder

Boris Vian - Hurt me Johnny

She's 17 and ran away from home
at 7 in the morning on the wrong day.
Took with her in the bag some lies to tell .
Left behind her parents and a boyfriend.

Capital Inicial - Natasha

She'll find a good word for everyone
During the evening tea,
And she'll secretly put a little present
In the bag.


Lyube - Grandmother

[Teller] HI, how can I help you?
[Eminem] Yeah I need to make a withdrawl
[Teller] Okay
[Eminem] Put the fucking money in the bag bitch
and I won't kill you!
[Teller] What? Oh my god, don't kill me

Eminem - Criminal

Potheads need a joint to relax
G pen full of wax
10 Rolled cone joints, really fast
No sticks no seeds in the bag
Got reason to brag
In the front, y'all b's in the back

Wiz Khalifa - Maan

And someday,the lady dog said to the dog
If you want to have me you must bring me the duck
You go there at coop pac pac and you open the bolt
You get the duck in the bag,bring it to me and is done

The dog with the curly fur,steal the duck from the coop

Cleopatra Stratan - Puppy with curly hair

No turning back
No cancellation
Cats in the bag
Trains at the station

t.A.T.u. - Don't Regret

I notice that others would want me to fall
I feel that pressure
and even if they'd whisper silently, in the end of the day i'll hear it all
I don't have clean flour in the bag(?) [phrace]
I've done a lot that i regret here
and if you see me walk in the home streets

Cheek - Don't

This, the tale of reckless love, living a life of crime on the run,
I brush to a gun to paint these states green and red,
Everybody freeze, nobody move, put the money in the bag or we will shoot,
Empty out the vault and me and my doll will be on our way,

Set It Off - Partners in Crime

She says, Aunt Lien is the baddest bitch you've ever seen
killer smile, (her) tits defy gravity

Lien is tight - what else - I'm in the bag
Lord have mercy, be good to papa
Aunt Lien is a dancing queen

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Aunt Lien

Immortal Technique insinuate degenerate fags
burn tretlock, wrapped in his confederate flag
I got the Beretta with my face wrapped in a rag
so put the African slave juvelery in the bag
motherfuckers tell me, that a diamond is forever
but is it worth the blood of Malcolm and Mekka evers?

Immortal Technique - Crossing The Boundary

a new paragraph
i'm the one who is right
i'm strokes on the paper
i'm strokes in the bag
i'm the lines[strokes] at Nasa[Nightclub] by the sink

Thomas Buttenschøn - The one with all the words

While he was braggin'
I was coming down the hill and just draggin'
All his pictures and his clothes in the bag and
Sold everything else till there was just nothin' left

Blu Cantrell - Hit 'em Up Style

... See, she's so nice
She can get whatever she likes
Don't let the price make you mad
I live a Fabolous life shorty, (Throw It in the Bag)


Nelly - She's So Fly

[David Coleman]:
What a save! Gordon Banks!
Good old England, England that couldn't play football!
England has got it in the bag!

I know that was then

The Lightning Seeds - Three Lions

Suddenly a new and weird universe is opening to me
When you're here
There is still sand in the bag from summer
It's been raining for many days
You are sometimes pretty corny and serious

Stella - This just is where the fall begins

He will come to me, talk to me, flirt with me
He’ll think he’s got me in the sack
Play with me, lay it on me, dance with me
Another play thing in the bag

I’m gonna make him jealous

Hadise - Jealous

I'm the hand that holds the flag
I'm the pickpocket at central station
I'm the bomb at the terminals
In the bag, left behind
I am the first cold rain-showers
I am the frost where nothing grows

Kent - La Belle Epoque

That's my mom, that's my dad,
they close my windows, I'll break the door,
bring me back to start, I'll be again first,
if the head is in the bag, the bag guards the head.

I have my own circle of people, we're close,

Elemental - Fearless

But somehow I stayed patient and calm
They did me no harm

But the bag was the key to this mystery
He bought it the very same day that he
Robbed that bank upstate and then picked me

Gotye - Noir Excursion

We keep turning around the same thing
With pains in our chest

You say that happiness is in the bag
He who starts his truck's engine from afar
Either snuffs it or falls for the bait

Les Vulgaires Machins - The Sky Is Empty

And I got hennessy and coke in my system
Hot chicks, I fuck em and diss em
I'm out to cop bricks, cut em and split em
Put plenty in the bag, 20s on the jag
I'm a big faced getter, you get panties and brag
Fo Fo too heavy so I'm bustin the sag

Boo and Gotti - Freestyle

I ain't gotta lie this is life on the realest shit
Wake up everyday and get blazed 'till the ceiling lifts
Now I'm on my grind and the factory is dealing shit
'Bout to stash cash in the bag on some illegal shit
But I ain't got a dime I can hide from the evilness
Every rack I stack take me back to where the demons live

Shahmen - Abacus

calm down boy.
come on,
get in the bag
little feller.

the Bob and Tom show - The Turkey

Read it in the headlines,
Watch it on the TV
Put it in the back ground
Stick it in the bag, stick it in the bag

For the beautiful occupation

Travis - The Beautiful Occupation

You'll do better to teach the children that Elton John doesn't have a pussy
I'm a 100 joints champion, weed,
The fatties are shouting chasing me, they're starting to boil
I'm turning around with my weed in the bag
They look at me baffled, like we are Mutu and Pițurcă.
With a vial between my lips, with my pockets outside.

Ombladon - Three officers

Gotta gun, to your dome, foaming mouth rabies
Baby that's some real shit, I'm a Mob Boss
Take a knife to your dick, I'm a cut your fucking loss
Don't say a word, put the money in the bag
I'm a tie you up bitch, yeah I like it when you gag
Don't try nothing funny, bitch I came for the money

Brooke Candy - Das Me

I needed to put on my best game so I spent a ton of money,
It was important to appear dashing , romantic and charming,
I looked so cool after putting on the purple sunglasses,
150lbs of handsome, I got this in the bag,

Hello good evening, How are you Miss?

Sam Hui - Japanese Doll

(And it's day in, day out)

Fuck wearing it around the neck
Put the money in the bag, brother
Heavy rolling, get the mask on
If your plans fail, brother

Gilli - C'est La Vie

you and me together is a match,match)
tell me,baby,why you making me wait all day
(Nick-nack paddy gotta find your swag,
you and me together girl we got it in the bag)


Cody Simpson - All Day

[Verse 1]
This is how it goes, late night, early AM
Sky's pitch black, reach in the bag, Click-Clack
Then I start sprayin'
Paint the wall red, before the cap hits the floor

PackFM - Click Clack & Spray

The grape rips, the branch bends, it's leaf is curly.
Two poor boys would go plowing, but they don't have bread.

There are onions in the bag, it's bitter (to eat) alone
For the slaveboy, ah, for poor it's such a little dinner

Delta - The grape rips

the door opens
ready answer
a gun in the bag
a smile on her

Baby K - Everything comes back

I say, "Baby, gimme that burger,
I just gotta have a bite!"

So she reaches in the bag
And pulls out the burger
And she hands me the burger

Weird Al Yankovic - Trapped in the Drive-Thru

I will call you tenderly bitch, after all, you would like that.
I've found your Gucci spot, give me now a chance to relax.
Checkers are playing on the LV bag, you have dough in the bag and you're in my head.
Forget about the bad, it's on me, everything bad.
This is me about you, me about you.

Egor Kreed - Lighters

'Cause us traitors never win
I'm in a getaway car
I left you in a motel bar
Put the money in the bag and I stole the keys
That was the last time you ever saw me

Taylor Swift - Getaway Car

Or you Wake up in the morning just once
It's not about what you need
But the things you believe in
[He] wants to 100 Stacks in the bag
10 Stacks in the jacket
100 Stacks in a Backpack

SPINNING 9 - 100 stacks

Tula hem and Tula vall
Tula along the moor
Cabbage I got when I came home
Cabbage I got in the bag
The milk was both yellow and blue
I also carved a bit of cheese

Astrid Lindgren - Tula hem and Tula vall

Meanwhile, we smuggle kilos of grass with the ships
Millions are stacking up to the sky, making millions with snow and grass
Fuck the police department and the drug squad
We're selling crack in the bag to the homeless
Crash your gig and shoot you away from the stage
Hanging and tagging on trains, checking the green stuff, member with gangattitude

SpongeBOZZ - A.C.A.B

Dad is already awake
I put on the clothes
I drink the glass empty
I put the sandwich in the bag

We walk with dad

Suvi Isotalo - Lunar eclipse

Might you ever have felt
that kind of longing
that weights in the bag of the one that is leaving
What does the one who stays feel?

Laura Närhi - If my wings were wounded

Of French presidents with gunshot Gillets
At the bottom of the garbage text and condoms
Finished the bars celophane albums
Pen in the bag, rage in every man
Some vinyls out to Jacob
Hang on, if you fall not talking

VII - Russian roulette

Whatcha got in the bag
Can I have it?
Put it down, turn around, and forget it
Hope to die and cross my heart
Hope to die and cross my heart

Parlour Tricks - Broken Hearts / Bones

And I’m still running with the same gang

I got that money in the bag, the money like uh
I got that money in the bag, the money like uh
Hold up, Ralo got that check and ran it up
We don’t give a fuck about you, what you worth?

Ralo - My Brothers

in spring Cupid makes arrows from all sorts of wood…

You met the pretty girl at Les Puces[fn]The Paris flea market by Porte de Clignancourt, always just called “The Fleas”[/fn] on Sunday :
“I please you, you please me…” and it was in the bag,
and highfalutin sentiments were not mandatory.
“I please you, you please me… come on then, handsome soldier…”

Georges Brassens - The loves of yesteryear

I'm a Ronin for vultures for days
Ayy, my sword is in fire
Money is in the air - rain, we're gonna be like jews
In the bag are candies, but they are not for kids
Happy Holidays, bitches! I'm here for one hour maybe three
I'll get my pipe, and we'll find ourselves inside this bitch

T-fest - Lambada

Gold medal to Finland, that's for sure, no doubt!
Matti won gold!"

"Mika Häkkinen's got world championship in the bag,
Mika Häkkinen is world champion!" [fn] formula 1 driver[/fn]

JVG - Intro

You turn to me
Young heart that I’ve found
You’ve woken from your dreams
And the cats in the bag
But where cats are sleeping
Are young people sleeping?

The Jezabels - Unmarked Helicopters

Young and restless, you know who the best is
Three-quarter, Gucci Mane with the fur shoe
I got a girl, and my girl got a girl too
Hit me with the fab like put it in the bag
Pull up on my new ting, like I knew she mad

Stefflon Don - Hurtin' Me

a hot destination.
Make up, hairstyle, I call the taxi,
I'm flying to Bali island with you!
A fast shower, a garment in the bag -
a hot destination.
Make up, hairstyle, and don't be late!

Sofi Marinova - A Change In The Plan

and I cannot stop
any of these days, I'm going to get tired
I may leave to work as a waiter and then you'd miss me
Go look in the bag in case you left
the keys to my house somewhere else
the urge to kiss me, where have you left it?

Álex de la Nuez - Give me more

If you ain't first, you're last
Ooh oh oh

My heart is in the bag, I see you walk out the door
I'm standing here with you so you don't feel ignored
Everything I say just hurts you more

Kristinia DeBarge - Ricky Bobby

I told myself that I'd be just fine
Without you I'm wasting time
And I'm done with that
[So put your harp in the bag]

Cause I've been comfortable for too long

Brandon Stansell - Spare Change

Perhaps getting there into pieces
By an old road racer
With sunglasses
And the heart in the bag.

Learn by heart the number

Lucio Dalla - Phone me in twenty years

Roll in
the cloth in the cover
Put down
everything in the bag

Now, it's time to get away from here

Docent Död - Best Way South

First you find a well-known street
Where all the best musicians meet
If you follow what I say it's in the bag

Take a little bit of trumpet

Jack Hylton and His Orchestra - Ya got something there

Baggy in the bag
Resulting in phone
Loving eraser Stinky
A good smell

Aoi Yūki - Dusty! Dusty Stomach

Listen, I always been like that
Run away from my problems instead of facing ‘em back
Dropped out of school
Got kicked out ‘cause I had weight in the bag
Ran away from my girl instead of loving her back
Listen, I ain’t looking for trouble

Samma Himmel - Samma Himmel

I have told you
It is a little bit particular moment
I want to be left alone
Put in the bag that sunscreen
You cannot get burnt this way
(get burned) by my words

Canova - Portovenere

Miku was fishing with a rod,
the kitty with it's two paws

Miku threw the fish in the bag,
the kitty hid them in its belly
Then it purred with joy,

Estonian Children Songs - Fishing song

You thought you had it in the bag
Thought you had it all figured out
But now you're having second thoughts
You don't really know your ins from outs

You won't accept the lot you've drawn

Saga (Canada) - How Long?

The Red flag glows above our village council,
Communist Party hope for us, young people.
We'll catch up USA, no doubt,
If the party says so, it's in the bag!

We'll be building communism with new teams,

Sektor Gaza - Oh, you, green grass

How will I do to take you inside, guitar... How will I do for you to feel my clumsy love, my desires of sounding you fully and mine... How it is played your air flesh, your smelly tact, your hungerless heart, your silence in the bridge, your fifth string, your male and dark bass string, your singing relatives, your three souls, chatting and childish... How can one love you without pain, without hurry, without witnesses, without hands that offend you... How to move to you my well loved men and women, guitar; my alien loves, my certainity of loving you like few... How to bring you all those names and that blood, without flooding your heart with shadows, tremblings and death, ash, loneliness and anger, silence, foolish tears...

Today Death went searching for something between my books... Today's evening he went, among papers, finding out how I've been, how my life has been, how much time I lost, how I wrote when there were greengrocers who came from the country houses, when I had two girlfriends, a pretty quiff, two pairs of shoes, when there was no television, that world at the feet, violent, foolish, overwhelming, that despicable novel written by a madman... Today death went searching for my past between my books, looking for the 1940's summers, the boys under the hose, the underground sleeps, the neighbourhood bananas, killed, carved in the soul... Today death went checking out my streetcar ticket, my friends, their names, the nights at the Café Montevideo, the shipments by the Onda bus with smell of stew, he went checking out my father, his Berreta, his Baldomir, checking out my mother, her hemiplegia, the Batllist Uruguay, the beloved Arístides, my dear anarchists under flag, under shroud, under wines and endless verses.. Today death went checking out the phone noises, different under the index fingers, the pictures, the thermometer, the dead and living, the pale ghosts that live within, their multiple feet and hands, their eyes and their teeth, under suspicion of subversion... And he couldn't find anything... He couldn't find Batlle, neither my father, nor my mother, nor Marx, nor Aristides, nor Lenin, nor Prince Kropotkin, nor the Uruguay nor anybody... not even the most recent dead Fernandez... He couldn't find me either... I already took a bus to Cerro and I was sitting next to life... I passed in front of a night bus and life had painted some posters... I asked for the time in a corner, and life was in the bag of the man who told me the time, with his lunch... Today I will leave open the doors and the windows of my house... and the night will get in by all the windows of my house, by all the windows of all the neighbourhood, by all the windows of all the quarters and all the prisions, by all the windows of the hospitals... the night will get in with a headbutt, it will jump inside, shadow to shadow under a streetlight... and it will lay on the floor like a dog... and it will wait until the morning... Today... I will leave open the doors and the windows of my house, forever...

<em>The house</em>

Alfredo Zitarrosa - Black guitar

Be careful 'cause the roles will change

You will be mine, I promise you (I'm telling you)
You have it in the bag from today.
You can believe me or not,
You'll be mine, I know it, no matter if you want it or not

Boys - You will be mine

Listen, I always been like that
Run away from my problems instead of facing ‘em back
Dropped out of school
Got kicked out ‘cause I had weight in the bag
Ran away from my girl instead of loving her back
Listen, I ain’t looking for trouble

Samma Himmel - Same sky

You’d join DOSAAF***, hey, now then
You’d bolster the state defences
Thirty copecks per month and
You see, in the bag the defence is

All praise to our Party!

Yanka Dyagileva - How To Live

I said it sure is fun
(To catch a predator)

What's in the bag?
Funyuns and condoms
Why did you bring condoms?

Insane Clown Posse - To Catch a Predator

the suspension that the hair asks by walking
springs of a walking stuck in the seventies

Two of crystal in the bag
quicker than a lightning
a world in miniatures

Divididos - Pepe Lui