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Thousand times

How fast time has passed
I remember everything like it was yesterday
The one, who left my hands
My worthless youth that I couldn't hold
How fast your love ended
Before absorbing myself with your body's smell
Wherever I look, memories remain
I couldn't find someone like you
When you left, the earth stopped and it still can't turn
Didn't you see, didn't you feel
When you're not wit me, I died thousand times
But i didn't revive thousand times
I forgot to oblivion long ago
Every breath reminds me
Though I wanna write, my hands aren't able to
I learned your absence by heart, line by line
My room is empty, my loneliness is crowded
No strangers but everyone's from inside me
Suffering from grief, hitting against the walls
I couldn't find someone as deep as myself
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Bin Kere

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