Brillig - Monster Seas & Swells


Monster Seas & Swells

[Another day to live through, better get started]
Lover lover
Raise a smother
Be a dame and flighting mother
Water, water rise around her
Monster seas and swells around her
Wait for your eyes, to see
Mother lover, sink or swimman*
The time's come to flee or follow
Wonder, wonder where to go
And rain above, and plain below
But, wait for your eyes, to sleep
[I've got my life for you, but, the spirit has to be replaced before dark]
It's only one way you'll ever know
It's only the same
It's only the old
Not only one way left to fall
Only one way that I hide it
Only one way the worlds collide and
Only this greeting is now
Tonight, tonight, we raise the sorrow
Journeys and, today, tomorrow
But wait for your eyes to sleep
Only this grieving is now
Only this grieving is now
Only this grieving is now
Only this grieving is now
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*Swimman, variant from the Old English word for to swim.
Corrections always welcome.

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