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These Rains

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God put a notch over my forehead
whenever i lost and "you are all grown up" he said
"These rains are just because of this"
Winter arrives sudddenly, you wouldn't notice,
Siren sounds deep within your heart,
Your ships sink just because of these rains.
Wake up! Your hands would bleed if you are afraid,
Look i am still here, i am not dead yet,
I am holding on to the edge of the cliff,
Just for you, just to forget,
Just for my mother, just for my mother.
God tore a page from the calender
As i grew up and "you are tired" he said,
"These rains are just because of this".
They leave suddenly, you wouldn't notice
Siren sounds deep within your heart,
You cry but it is not seen
Just because of these rains.
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I like this song and i tried to translate the lyrics as best as i can.


Bu Yağmurlar