Luan Santana - A Bússola ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

The compass

I lost my way, trying to make it right
And with no choice left, I started to walk about
Through a forest of dangers.
I could not escape it
I was in need of a compass,
Something of that sort to guide me.
And then your gaze shone into the immensity
And saved my heart
And the sun rose at me at that very moment.
My torments came to an end.
A limitless love seized me.
I would face any war, being at your side.
I just need that compass
That saved me from darkness
That compass that spins over and over
And always points towards the future
And if I go south, even not intending to,
Then you bring me back east to see the sunrise
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A Bússola

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