Michał Szpak - Byle Być Sobą ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Just Being Yourself

Just1being yourself
Just being yourself to the end2
Others can't
Others can't to the end
To the end
Remain themselves3
Just to love
To believe, that it's worth wanting more
Just to feel
To feel what is happiness in life
Not waiting
To believe in people
Even when the wind blows in your eyes4
When you don’t know entirely
It’s worthwhile to always believe in a better world
Do your own thing, you're allowed to, you’re not alone
Just to the end
Just being yourself to the end
Others to the end
Others can't to the end
Be themselves
Be themselves
  • 1. Byle means "simply" or "as long as". This sentence can also be "just to be yourself"
  • 2. Do końca could also mean "completely" or "entirely"
  • 3. Sobą could be myself/one's self/yourself/themselves/himself/herself etc. I'm assuming this part relates to the others.
  • 4. A saying which means bad luck or misfortune. Fate making things difficult for you.
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There are many words with double meanings that could be one or the other. I welcome corrections.


Byle Być Sobą

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