Los del Suquía - Canción Para Una Mentira ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Song for a lie

I remember you today, my love,
What a pity, without love.
Maybe a deaf grudge run through my veins
Because my optimistic life crossed paths with the shadow of a lie
I, I adored you, my guitar would sing for you
And my voice would die on your hair,
How beautiful, how beautiful was all that...
Love, today I am walking away from you (I am walking away from you...)
In my endless bitterness
I want to sing for you in this farewell.
I don't know if my song would reach
The rose bush of your love,
But, in me, you will survive.
Maybe you will give yourself to another love,
But you will never forget
About me...
If someday, on your path, the wine of grief makes you cry,
Pray God not to be because they lied to you...
Don't let your eyes wilt
With the surprised crying of finally seeing the reality,
That cruel reality that locked my heart,
And hurt me so badly, gave me nothing but sorrow.
I don't love you anymore,
But how sad it is to feel empty,
Without strenght and unwilling to love,
How sad it is to feel hurt
Only because of have stood on my feet,
The sorrow of a lie.
Love, I don't want to see you cry (I don't want to see you cry...)
Because I will no longer believe
In your tears.
I know, you will remember me
I know, you will regret
Hiding the truth of me.
Good bye, I could kissed you before I left,
But I know your mouth is lying to me,
I would die first...
I would die first... (x3)
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Canción Para Una Mentira

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