Téléphone - Cendrillon ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


Cinderella, for her twenty years,
Is the prettiest of all children.
Her handsome lover,
Prince Charming,
Takes her away on his white horse.
She forgets time,
In his palace of riches
Not noticing a new day dawning,
She shuts her eyes,
And in her dreams,
She goes.
Pretty little story.
Cinderella, for her thirty years,
Is the saddest of all mothers.
Prince Charming
Has fucked off
With Sleeping Beauty.
She saw a hundred white horses
Taking her children far from her.
She begins to drink,
Frequent the bars
Wrapped up in her despair,
She wanders the streets.
She goes.
Pretty little story.
Ten years of this life were enough
For her to become a junkie.
And in a neverending sleep,
Cinderella sees the end of her life.
The lights dance
In the ambulance
But she kills her last chance
None of it is important anymore.
She goes.
End of story.
Our Father who is so old,
Have you really done your best?
For when the land is in the sky,
Your angels don't like to become old.
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Gavin    Sexta-feira, 07/10/2016 - 12:46

The last verse goes a little wrong. Should read something like:

Because, on earth and in the heavens
Your angels don't like to grow old