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This regroups all the songs that speak about people taking drugs in general, or have been / being victim of drugs.
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew.
I thank you all in advance for your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

Música | Francês Renaud

The singer sings about a friend of him, that takes cocaïne,
litteraly: "the white", and he has become obsessed, and everything
from his previous life is slowly disappearing, his health damaged.

Traduções:  Inglês

He sings about a girl, that was doing Héroïne, and the
girl died in his arms when he was 17.

She speaks about her going into rehab, but she didn't want to go.
She takes drugs, because Life doesn't make her happy, and
she feels alone

Traduções:  Grego Sérvio Francês 11 more

The answer for every problem in life, is cocaïne

Traduções:  Sérvio Grego Francês 2 more
Música | Espanhol Bebe

She sings about the drug she is taking, and the feeling it makes Inside

Traduções:  Inglês Turco Francês 10 more
Música | Inglês Dillinger

He sings about cocaine, it makes him dynamite !

Traduções:  Francês
Música | Inglês Afroman

The singer expresses how drug ruined his life in a funny way,
he speaks about averything he could have done, if he wasn't high

Traduções:  Turco Francês Sérvio 2 more
Música | Inglês Nomy

The singers sings about cocaine, how it makes all disappear,
but the next day, it hasn't really solved anything, eventually it will kill her

Traduções:  Russo Romeno Turco 1 more

She sings the cocaïne, and how it makes her happy, and makes her
forget the man who betrayed her.

Well seems, he makes a list of all the drugs he likes, but above all:
Cocaine !

Traduções:  Espanhol Esperanto
Música | Francês Don Bran

He describes the addiction, tried once, and now is a total addict, with all the collateral damages to his life.

He speaks about the damage done by drugs, and the addiction of people,
that are going to die from it, sooner or later

She sings about her thinking of a friend that is gone because of Heroin,
and she too is on the moon again.

Traduções:  Sérvio Turco Espanhol 5 more

He describes a girl that had a great life before, until she drugged herself,
her life became bad, to avoid reality of life, and at the end, she dies

Música | Inglês Weezer

You think you're cool when you take drugs, but no one cares, and you just
ruining your life

Traduções:  Francês
Música | Inglês Pink

She sings about a substance that protects her, and makes
everything good, up high she feels invicible, until it ends

Traduções:  Sérvio Espanhol Grego 15 more
Música | Inglês Tool

The singer regrets taking drug, and not being able to be sober, even if
he would like to.

Traduções:  Grego Francês Croata 5 more
Música | Inglês Shinedown

Because life is too hard, he took pils, and now someone saved him
by taking away his pills, but for a drug addict, this is blasphemy,
is going to survive it?

Traduções:  Italiano

He is all lit up again, because of Cocaine, he loves it!

He describes the first time someone takes drug, and if it is fun, it won't be long,
cause the personn is already addict, but this is good for the dealer,
to make money, even if it destroys lives, this is not like a fantasy, this is real

Traduções:  Italiano Grego Francês 3 more

He is high, loves it, and wants more! it makes his girlfriend cries, but
he wants to go on

Traduções:  Grego Alemão Espanhol
Música | Inglês Hopsin

The singer speaks about a friend, who started with drugs, and slowly changed
totally to make his life according to drug. The singer should have done something
before it was too late. Now his friend is fried, and it's too late. And the singer can't really
forgive himself for having doing Nothing to prevent it.

Traduções:  Turco
Música | Inglês B.o.B

John Doe is taking drugs, trying to hide it, but fools nobody.
And he tries to justify it, drugs being an addiction, like anything else, Nothing really bad.

Traduções:  Turco Holandês

He is an example for others to become clean, but himself, don't know how to start over
as it request a lot of courage, but because of the others, he is stronger to start all over

Traduções:  Francês
Música | Inglês Lil Wayne

"Only once the drugs are done
That I feel like dying, I feel like dying"

Drugs are nice for short period of time, then it makes your life terrible,
health gone, and money, something one cannot get rid of, once started.

One should not be deceived by the mirage of drug, because in Truth, his name
is death

Traduções:  Inglês

He just want to try it, and when he takes the needle in his vein, he lives again,
feeling like a man out of this life. It feels better than anything, so good. there is Nothing
like it

Traduções:  Russo Francês Grego 6 more

If you want to be a slave, for all your life, take Codeine
when you start, you can't get enough

Traduções:  Alemão

A girl sings about a friend who started weed, and couldn't stop it, taking always more.
Now she is sad because her friend is dead, and nobody tried to help him, even if they
could have.

Traduções:  Inglês Espanhol

All the family members use cocaine. It is their way of life. he describes it, through each member
Cocaine doesn't make him better, and now he has reached his limits. wants to go back to mama
cause he doesn't know how to get out. now, he needs to use stronger drugs, he knows he should stop, but will he?

Música | Maltês Chiara

She begs her friend to let drug away, this is no solution to improve life. He shouldn't waste his life,
and do like so many others who are dead because of drugs. He should remember the true love they were living.

Traduções:  Inglês Alemão

He meets a sick girl in the Streets of Moscou, she is very thin, maybe ill, and looks pathetic,
she is a cocaine addict, and cocaine kills her slowly like she would be crucified.

Traduções:  Inglês Transliteração
Música | Inglês The Verve

The singer speaks of a girl taking drugs. Now she takes drugs for too long, and it seems, they don't work anymore.
He wishes she would be like before, seems sad and in love.

Traduções:  Espanhol Turco Croata 2 more

Thanks Maluca for your explaination:
"A couple who thought they had their drug habits under control, but in Amsterdam one of them gets hooked on
drugs and that's the end of their relationship (maybe caused by death)"

Traduções:  Inglês Português
Música | Inglês Placebo

Traduções:  Grego Italiano Romeno 7 more

The song describes the trip of LSD

The sings explains the trip of acids and mushrooms

Traduções:  Alemão Turco Croata 8 more

Some have real gold, but for the singer, gold is going directly into his veins, and they have plenty of it.

Traduções:  Inglês

A friend is seeing his friend slowly going worse because he takes always more and harder drugs.
He is worried for him, and tries to reason him, to make him stop, beofre it's too late.

Traduções:  Inglês

A junkie describes his trip, and the fact that drug makes him greater than anybody.

Traduções:  Italiano Grego Alemão 1 more

A friend, or family is asking why he even tried it. because drug is a great health hazard, and change the people, on the
way to death. This person is going to stay available to help the junkie.

Traduções:  Sérvio Ucraniano

When you start doing drugs, there is no escape from it later in life.
heroin and lot of coke ref

Traduções:  Sérvio
Música | Inglês Metallica

The songs takes the drug's point of view, and speaks of the power drugs has over junkies, like a god
Hero and coke ref

Traduções:  Sérvio Húngaro Grego 11 more

The guy loves the cocaine, and leave his mother's advices aside, because cocaine is so good. can't stop.

To see some lights in his life, he needs to take drugs

Traduções:  Francês

The guy is trying to enjoy his evening by drowning into substances maybe drugs but she is trying to slow
him down

Música | Inglês Tove Lo

He's gone, and she needs to stay high no to think of him.

Música | Azeri Elvina

The guy is too deep in cocaine, she tries to rescue him by all means, but it seems hopeless.

Traduções:  Turco Inglês

A drug addict writes a letter to the drug, to analyse the situation

Traduções:  Inglês

Someone talks about him or her, that was once very happy to the others, bringing joy. and trying to go higher,
took drugs. Now making only the people around cry, and bringing only sadness, driving him or her to a certain
and quick death

Traduções:  Alemão

The guy takes drug and is hallucinating, then dies, and it will firstly be a secret to his own family,
probably because dying like an addict is not Something one could be proud of.

Música | Inglês Green Day

With Novocaine, everything will be fine again, or so does he believe.

Drug made her so addict, she died with a child in her belly, and he might as well shot himself.

He sucks at life, but with this cotton candy, he just go up high in his own world, where he can be himself again.
And it prevents him and his friend from sleeping.

Traduções:  Espanhol Francês Russo 1 more

It seems, he speaks with a girl, from which he is addicted, and compares it to the addiction to Heroine,
his other girlfriend.

Traduções:  Turco Espanhol Italiano 2 more
Música | Inglês Martika

She esplains her addiction to drug, how blind she is, and how she is anyway gonna be the next victim.

DarkJoshua    Quinta-feira, 12/04/2018 - 17:49

Songs about drugs? This is the first one that pops up immediately in my mind.

petit élève    Quinta-feira, 12/04/2018 - 17:46

R.I.P Amy...

petit élève    Quinta-feira, 12/04/2018 - 18:52

Lots of Thiéfaine songs deal with drugs. La fille du coupeur de joints for a laugh, Cabaret Sainte-Lilith for something rather gruesome. The best part is the quote from Pope John Paul II, complete with Polish accent ("mankind only makes sense on Earth as the likeness of God's image") Regular smile

A couple of songs playing on Heroin's nicknames: Golden brown and Brown sugar

EnrixosfromParis    Quinta-feira, 12/04/2018 - 18:48

Pas mal la deuxième, je ne connaissais pas ce chanteur, il est cash, et c'est cool Regular smile

petit élève    Quinta-feira, 12/04/2018 - 19:31

Oui, ça date d'avant la dictature du politiquement correct et l'arrivée au pouvoir des publicitaires...

EnrixosfromParis    Sexta-feira, 13/04/2018 - 22:29

Thanks !
Yes i knew about the marijuana colelction, but i think it's ok like that. later if we have enough songs it might be good to categorize according to specific drugs.

EnrixosfromParis    Quarta-feira, 18/04/2018 - 18:21

That's really cool ! Regular smile and thanks for notifying. Regular smile

This group was mainly created for illegal drugs, having generally a bad effect on health (no alcohol, or chocolate, or coffee, or sex, or cigarettes...)
But of course, this could also be true for legal drugs, the only distinction being legal/illegal in today's law

Well, we could do as you say and split between legal and illegal drugs,
or split between some types of drugs, as majijuana already and has its own collection.
I have here mainly Heroin and cocaine, plus (any) drug effect on people.But there are a lot.

Just tell what you would prefer.

Sciera    Quinta-feira, 19/04/2018 - 16:32

Different collections for different drugs?
I wasn't aware of there already being a collection on marijuana.
I suppose that would be a good idea then for me to restrict my collection to songs about alcohol.
The following songs could be added to this collection here or to new ones, but many of them are about drugs in general and don't really specify which one (or if they do, not in a clear enough way for me to know): (LSD) (unspecified) (heroine or unspecified) (unspecified) (cocaine) (heroine) (unspecified) (unspecified, probably cocaine) (unspecified) (cocaine) (cocaine)

solo    Quinta-feira, 19/04/2018 - 20:04

oh, didn't think drug collections will go that far.
AIC's Godsmack is h; demo for Real Thing is called literaly "H", but has clear coke references. Metallica's Master of Puppets has both coke and h references.

EnrixosfromParis    Quarta-feira, 02/05/2018 - 16:18

Song is already listed, but thank you anyway for your comment

IdiotKilljoyWithoutPride    Quarta-feira, 09/05/2018 - 16:46

Hi! Here some songs that I think could suit this collection

Green Day - Give Me Novocaine
It talks about a guy, Jimmy, who gets caught up in a addiction of novocaine

Machine Gun Kelly - Merry Go Round
A long and sad story about a couple addicted to drugs, in the end she dies because of an overdose

Tokio Hotel - Cotton Candy Sky
Not so explicit but pretty obvious it talks about an addiction to drugs

Sleeping With Sirens - Heroine
I'm not so sure about this one, but it's a cool song though

Sciera    Sexta-feira, 07/09/2018 - 18:39

The entries 22 and 48 contain the same song.