Eid Al-Fitr Ads.

Created by Sara Ba on 14 jun 2018

This is part 2 collection, after Ramadan Ads. below are the Eid Ads which you can see the main theme of it is cheerfulness and sharing happiness. After the sunset of the last day of Ramadan every Muslim who has more money or food than he needs should give the poor some food or money before the Eid prayer which is after sunrise of the next day. The goal is that all Muslims should feel the happiness of Eid together, none of them should be hungry or else. From the preparation of Eid is the one wearing new clean clothes (that's visible in all videos). Here is my favorite Eid ads. Regular smile

Fore more info:

On the other side, there is a habit in Arab gulf countries and other Arab countries that adults give children money in during Eid days, and children collects money and compete of who has more Teeth smile .. it started as a reward for children who successfully fasted Ramadan. But today all kids get regardless of fasting Ramadan, it's part of making kids happy so they can appreciate this event. Few ads are made around this habit: (Link of the translation in the list below)

All ads. in the list below (except the last one) is in Standard Arabic, all Arab kids understands it as they all study it in school, and kids cartoons are all dubbed in Standard Arabic so all Arab kids can understand it.

Música | Árabe Rama Rubat

Alot of adults today don't enjoy Eid and considered an event just for kids. So this girl is trying to cheer up her grandpa asking him to smile. He gives her money thinking that's what she wants, but she says: generosity isn't by giving money, but giving emotions from the heart. People should start express more, complement more give and receive love in such an event. It's not just about money.