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A collection of my poetry of personal events/experiences in my life. This collection will be considered vol. 2, other collections will be for poetry about stories and mental illness.
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A personal battle between myself, a sibling and a parent about the troubles of raising a child to become an adult at an early age and raising a child to stay naive and a child forever.

Reminiscing on the time passed since my grandfather's passing (21 years as of 2019).

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A struggle and acceptance of being a child of immigrant parents who face deportation and the consequences of said deportation.

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Telling my brother the story of the lime tree (that has since been cut down) and that it was considered his inheritance.

(Taken from the page's comments): When my father was very little they moved from their town to the city with all their earthly belongings in sacks and boxes, all they could afford was a fence around their property. My father told me that they went to bed every night freezing and their beds were made from cardboard boxes and newspapers. Eventually they were able to build a single room and were able to stay warm (a room shared by 8 or so people mind you). That house today is three stories tall but was never completely finished, to this day you can see the house from afar like a beacon in a sea of whites and browns because of its yellow and red colored bricks (the only one like it on that side of the street).

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When you lose the passion for things that once brought you joy and realizing that no matter how much you plan things out, life always has its twists and turns.