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After Hours is The Weeknd’s fourth studio album. It was released on March 20, 2020, to critical acclaim, with some calling it his best work to date. The album contains themes surrounding loneliness, heartbreak, withdrawal, infidelity, and recklessness.
Barbie: The Album is the soundtrack for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie Barbie which is expected to hit theatres in July 2023. The soundtrack, executively produced by Mark Ronson, was first announced in April 2023, where it was reported by The Daily Mail that Dua Lipa would record the main theme ...
"好きになっちゃった (Suki ni Nacchatta)" is the 31th single by SKE48 ✔ Released:July 7, 2023 ? Genres:Pop ? Format:? CD • DVD ? Official video:4 ? Tracklist1.好きになっちゃった ?4:47 2.愛してるって言われたことがない ?-- 2.100年経ったら Kiss me! ?-- 2.語り合うことから始めよう ?-- 3.パレオはエメラルド(2023 ver.) ?-- 5.好きになっちゃった (off-vocal)4:47...
Year: 1968* Label: CBS Length: -- *Originally released in 1967 in the US under the label "Caytronics" with a different art cover.
Year: 2001 Label: Remixed Length: 46:40
Year: 1999 Label: WEA Length: --
"HARD" is the eighth full-length album by SHINee. It will be released on June 26, 2023. The music video for "The Feeling" was pre-released on June 10.
The list is for featuring cover songs of toa - ツギハギスタッカート across many languages . The collection has 12 languages
21Luis Silva Avlis
The Idol, Vol. 1 (Music from the HBO Original Series) is the upcoming second soundtrack album by Canadian singer the Weeknd. It is set to be released through XO and Republic Records on June 30, 2023 as the soundtrack to the 2023 HBO drama television series The Idol, which the Weeknd created and ...
Album original- Si ya no hay amor
HARMONY : ALL IN is the sixth mini album by P1Harmony. It was released on June 8, 2023 with "Jump" serving as the album's title track.
Years: 2023 Dates: 04/14/23 - 09/09/23 Legs: 3 (Europe / United States / Festivals) No. of shows: 44 in total Leg 1: Europe April 14, 2023 – Manchester, United Kingdom – O2 Ritz April 15, 2023 – Glasgow, United Kingdom – SWG3 TV Studios April 17, 2023 – Birmingham, United Kingdom – O2 ...
A sampler with 14 songs from Yugoslavia. The last track is instrumental.
THROW A DICE is the first mini album by XODIAC. It was released on June 7, 2023 with "Special Love" serving as the album's title track. "Always" was pre-released on May 9, as part of their web drama MV series Roommate, followed by "Midnight Sky" on May 16 and "Special Love" on May 30.
In 2012, a different mechanics/voting system was applied to select which until then unknown names of Italy's musical scene competed for a place in the roster of that year's edition of the Sanremo Music Festival. In that year, people could decide on which act would be promoted via social media ...
10Alma Barroca
Songs featured in the movie Donnie Darko, released in 2001.
YOUTH IN THE SHADE is the first mini-album by ZEROBASEONE. It will be released on July 10, 2023 with high expectations from ZE_ROSES.
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Unlock My World is the first full-length album by fromis_9. It was released on June 5, 2023 with "#Menow" serving as the album's title track.
KILLIN' ME GOOD is the debut mini-album of TWICE's leader, JIHYO. It was teased on June 5 with mystery poster and revealed on June 9 that it is JIHYO solo project and will be released in August 2023.
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Born in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 박지효 (Park Jihyo) better known as JIHYO, is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is member of Korean-Japanese girl group, TWICE, under JYP Entertainment. JIHYO started training to become a singer at the age of 8. Many were surprised to find out JIHYO’s time...
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Qui troverai i testi (e, quando disponibili, i rispettivi video-clip) degli brani inediti presentati dagli artisti in gara a X Factor 12, talent show italiano messo in onda dal 6 settembre al 13 dicembre 2018. I brani fanno parte di un EP digitale uscito a mezzo dicembre 2018.
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"SHALALA" is the debut solo mini album by Taeyong. It will be released on June 5, 2023 with "Shalala" serving as the album's title track.
A collection of the artists that passed away in June 2023
Big Time Rush is a 4-members american boy band formed in 2009. From 2009 to 2013 the group starred in a Nickelodeon's tv series, called "Big Time Rush" too. In 2014 the band went on an indefinite hiatus that lasted until 2021 when the group released the single "Call It Like I See It". The group is ...
The list is for featuring cover songs of Kikuo - 愛して愛して愛して across many languages . The collection has 14 languages
23Luis Silva Avlis
Sarà Sanremo is an Italian musical competition where young names of Italy's musical scene compete for a place in the roster of the 2018 Sanremo Music Festival. In this collection you'll find the lyrics of the entries that took part in the 2017 edition of this competition (when available/...
28Alma Barroca
"Another Life" is the fourth album by Big Time Rush. It was released on 2 June, 2023. "Can't Get Enough" was pre-released on 6 February, while, "Waves" was pre-released on 3 May.
"In Times New Roman..." is the eighth studio album by Queens of the Stone Age. ✔ TBR:June 16, 2023
The list is for featuring cover songs of Seven Oops - Orange across many languages .The collection has 13 languages
22Luis Silva Avlis
Favorite songs from the series 'The Vampire Diaries'
Eurodance (sometimes referred to as Euro-NRG, Euro-electronica or Euro) is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe. It combines many elements of rap, techno and Euro disco. I primarily choose the songs of this collection by myself. I may include some well ...
TO DIE FOR is the second full-length album by B.I. It was released on June 1, 2023 with "Die For Love" and "Dare To Love" serving as the album's double title tracks.
This is a collection of musicians from around the world who served in the military, whether they were in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force. If you know any other musicians who served in the military, comment down below and I will add them. We thank those listed musicians for their service.
《Cleanse》係香港歌手洪嘉豪嘅第三隻專輯同第二隻細碟,喺2023年6月1號發行,總共收錄五首曲目。 Cleanse is the third album and second EP by Kaho Hung. It was released on 1 June 2023 and comprises five tracks.
Here you can add your comfort songs and share them with others! If you would like to add some comfort songs please feel free to ask in the comments.
Delicious is the first Japanese full-length album by THE BOYZ. It will be released on June 13, 2023 with "Delicious" serving as album's lead single. Listen and download on your favorite platform:
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Quelques chanteurs et chanteuses Brésiliens ont interprété en français des chansons françaises, voire même leurs propres compositions, pour le meilleur ou pour le pire ...
42Salve a Selva
1990—1999 | Rock and Metal music videos
1990—1999 | Rock and Metal music videos
1990—1999 | Rock and Metal music videos
1990—1999 | Rock and Metal music videos part 1_
1990—1999 | Rock and Metal music videos part 2_
"CMF2" is the second studio album by Corey Taylor. ✔ TBR:September 15, 2023
THE FUTURE IS OURS : LOST is the seventh EP by AB6IX. It was released on May 29, 2023 with "Loser" serving as the album's title track.
2016 - 2023
All songs in any language based on Rudaki (رودکی) poems
All songs in any language based on Jami (جامی) poems
The Italian singer Marcella Bella (born on the 18th of June 1952 in Catania) began her career in 1969 and has been active ever since. As of 2023, she has participated 8 times at the Sanremo Music Festival. Her debut at it was in 1972 and her latest entry to date is from 2007. Although she hasn't ...
Il giorno dopo ("The Day After") is the third studio album by the Italian singer-songwriter Mia Martini, released as an LP and cassette tape on the 25th of May 1973 by Dischi Ricordi. It has been reissued as a CD a couple of times over the years, the first time being in 1996. It consists of 12 ...
2020—present | Black and white music videos. > Part 1: