Bad boys - rebels

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This regroups all the songs that speak of bad boys, rebels, and their life. Rap is not included
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members
that suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance
for your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone

Música | Inglês The Clash

Being a gangster is nice, but sooner or later, police is going to come for you,
and then, what are you gonna do?

Música | Inglês The Clash

His father was a bankrobber.

"Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?"

Traduções:  Turco Espanhol

The doors of the prison are going to be closed on him, and this where
he'll end his life. (French)

The doors of the prison are going to be closed on him, and this where
he'll end his life. (Spanish)

The doors of the prison are going to be closed on him, and this where
he'll end his life. (German)

The doors of the prison are going to be closed on him, and this where
he'll end his life. (English)

He sees a girl every morning, but although they cross everyday,
her world is forbidden to him

Traduções:  Inglês

He explains his life, and how a guy born in the Street, became a star

Speaks of the omerta related to gang's activity

He speaks about his face. He asks if there is something about his face, as
the other one is looking him weird, looking for a fight His face is beautiful,
He knows he doesn't owe his success only to his nice face, but his face his loyal,
not like a girl he knew.

Traduções:  Inglês Romeno Alemão 2 more

The singer speaks about an old relationship of his, when he was a young boy.
And explains why he had to leave the gang.

Traduções:  Inglês Finlandês

When one is Young, everything is possible.

Traduções:  Inglês

He is the son of no one, he made his way thourgh alone

Traduções:  Inglês Espanhol

The bad boys are not so bad deep inside

You need to be hit to understand life

A guy stole his girlfriend, now the guy is gonna end up the arms like Jesus Christ,
after being shot dead

To survive this life, this man had to change himself to be as strong as wood would be

He treated her bad, now he's gonna live his life like he's gonna die anytime.

He never learnt to be good, just with her, he learnt love, he is ready to give his life
to save her, as he has Nothing else to give.

You have to take him as he his, he only like to go fast, being with his friend, on
his motorbike. like a lust for life. can't stop.

Traduções:  Alemão

He likes to fight, anybody?

Traduções:  Alemão

She is like Johnny, she likes to fight

Traduções:  Alemão Russo

He does'nt look for trouble, but if you insist, he's gonna finish you

Música | Francês Renaud

He described his life of misery in Paris, and how he became a bad boy, and how
this life has no future

Traduções:  Inglês
Música | Francês Renaud

He explains how he tried to steal clothes and stuff from some guys coming in his
favourite bar, and how he lost all his clothes and stuffs

Música | Francês Renaud

He and his team intimidate all the people he doesn't like entering in his favourite bar,
and tell them to go away, until the day he might meet someone stronger,
because he is physically not very strong.

Traduções:  Inglês

He describes the lonely night of a guy wandering in the night

He describes how rock'n roll fits his life, coming from difficult parts of France.

Maybe a place far from here, this hell, does exist, he needs this thought to keep on.

His life is stressing, and he is affraid of love, always thinking of Something else.
He wants to flee, but cannot, and cannot give love

They're both in love in this jungle, but he says he has no future here, in this society.
So he asks her, what he should be in this ghetto,
an angel, or a predator, a killer, or a victim.

Who is Pierrot? a gangster, a hero?

Pigalle is kind of special at night, one might say dangerous

The thoughts of an imprisoned gangster

A Jung rebel who is a kind of Robin Hood, defending the poor, against the bad

Traduções:  Inglês

Ricardo is a more like a more free than bad man, and she loves him

Traduções:  Inglês

The story of a man, with no fear

Traduções:  Inglês Alemão Francês

A stealing freeman sharing with the defensless

Traduções:  Inglês

A girl loves a guy coming from the wrong part of town, and suffering the pressure
of her peers, she has to leave him, eventhough she loves him.

Traduções:  Alemão Turco
Música | Espanhol Bahiano

People speaking of a bad boy

Traduções:  Inglês

They're not good, but not so bad, they are crazy rock'n roller needing speed

Traduções:  Inglês

Here is what happens to his private life when someone goes to jail

Traduções:  Inglês

Life is gonna teach him that to eat, he needs money.

Traduções:  Inglês

the story of Bonnie and Clyde, two very famous gangsters
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the story of Bonnie and Clyde, two very famous gangsters
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the story of Bonnie and Clyde, two very famous gangsters
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They do like Bonnie and Clyde
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Traduções:  Inglês Húngaro Turco 5 more

They do like Bonnie and Clyde
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Música | Inglês AC/DC

Well being a bad boy is not so bad, but dismiss all the ideas you have on them,
cause they are not so bad

Traduções:  Sérvio Alemão
Música | Inglês AC/DC

Nothing is goint to stop him, until he reaches paradise

Traduções:  Croata Grego Romeno 13 more

It's time to get rowdy

Traduções:  Sérvio Português

Well, he is a fighter, but there is no place for such a man in London

Traduções:  Grego Croata Espanhol 1 more

Are you sure you want to fight, because when you get hit, it will be too late,
to cry like a puppy

Traduções:  Italiano Croata Turco 2 more

This guy is a criminal, but she loves him

Traduções:  Espanhol Croata Turco 17 more

Whatever he does, people think he wants to do bad things, just because he is a rocker,
a bad boy.

A man is on his way to prison, description of his thoughts

The story of a bad ass guy, with a sudden death

Traduções:  Inglês

A tough soldier from the french foreign legion, loved her one night, ans she is in love,
hoping to see him again.

Traduções:  Inglês Espanhol Sérvio

If you want to be more than a gangster, and not die Young, you have to be clever, and find
the keys to understand why you're like that.

He is victim of his life, and life has decided he'll be a gangster, although, he never
killed or hurt anybody. He is tired of this life, and he will fight, to try to get out, and make it

Traduções:  Inglês

The life of a guy, whose only destiny is to be a gangster.

Well he looks like a gangster, but he is just Young and crazy.

Traduções:  Inglês

Her love is a gangster and is behind bars

Música | Inglês Kid Rock

He is called the cowboy, he is an american badass

The guy doesn't respect the rules, so this means war, cause he has gone too far.

Traduções:  Polonês Turco Francês 3 more

Boys are fighting, but in this world, when you get a kick in the teeth, it helps you feel better
and go forward.

The guy is very angry, and won't give up until the world burns

If you feel f*cked up by the society, or government just start a riot

Traduções:  Romeno Alemão Italiano 4 more

He tried not to be a bad boy, but society provoques him, and he can't resist going
down in flames again.

In the Streets, you have to survive, even more when you have no job, and no money.

Música | Inglês Nirvana

Teens playing a Dangerous game

Traduções:  Francês Grego Sérvio 29 more

He asks her not to get too close, cause he is Dangerous by nature

Traduções:  Sérvio Romeno Grego 26 more

They have guns, and they're Killing strangers

Traduções:  Húngaro Turco Italiano 1 more
Música | Inglês Saliva

He is on the edge to teach him respect, because he is a badass, and not just on the paper

The guy thinks he is going to solve all his problems by making a robbery, and become rich

Traduções:  Francês

He is a savage, everything he touches, ends up in ashes

Traduções:  Italiano Francês

Before, he was a nive guy, before society made him go wild

The guy will correct everything with boots and blood

Traduções:  Espanhol

The robber can steal and shoot everything, but he won't have his dignity, it is bulletproof

Traduções:  Alemão Russo Francês

He won't conform to the system, and they should rather burn their standardized ideas
against him

Traduções:  Turco

The guy is possessed, like Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Traduções:  Húngaro Turco Italiano 3 more

The guy is back, and is going to crush competition

This guy is the "monster" society created

He is rejecting everything, family, society

Traduções:  Húngaro

The other guy's mouth looked for a fight, he's gonna have the fist

Traduções:  Russo Francês

He would give anything to see him bleed

The guy is alwways going to say what he thinks as he sees fit

Traduções:  Turco Húngaro

He is born with a shot gun in his hand

Traduções:  Alemão Húngaro Turco 2 more

His heart is filed with rage, and for that also, he asks God forgiveness

Traduções:  Húngaro Turco Italiano 2 more

He is not backing down for anybody

Traduções:  Russo Francês

He has been beaten, on the ground, now he is stronger

Traduções:  Húngaro Russo Turco 3 more

Peter "the knife"

Traduções:  Inglês Francês Russo 1 more

You should be careful if you go to the Bronx, cause the people there will welcome you
with knives and guns. So you should better Watch out if you want to survive there.

Traduções:  Espanhol Francês