Ho capito che ti amo ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I knew I fell in love with you

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I knew I fell in love with you
when I saw that it was enough
for you to be a bit late
to feel my indifference disappear
and fear that you
would not longer show up
I knew I fell in love with you
when I saw that all it took
was a few words from you
to change a boring evening
like many others
would shine through
like a spell
And I thought
that no too long before this
while talking to someone
I found myself saying
that by now
I would have been able / to believe in love
to fool myself into dreaming
And now after all this
I knew I fell in love with you
and it's now too late
to come back
for a while I tried to regain my indifference
but then I let go
back to loving
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Comentários do autor:

I took some liberties here in the translation. There are many "frasi fatte". Or sentences that have a meaning beyond what the words say.
I am starting to see what it took to translate the Iliad and Odyssey from ancient Greek to the modern languages and keep the meter going.
I still hope you enjoy it.


Ho capito che ti amo

Greg Montero    Quinta-feira, 24/05/2018 - 20:48

Bravo. Your translation has the spirit of the song and that is what matters most . Is it correct to translate the title "I understood that you loved me"?
By the way there is another translation that feels like a collection of random words.
My love of this song goes back 50 years ago, when I was a teenager in Tehran. I used to hear his song over the radio and I loved it and I tried to sing along mimicking the words without knowing their meanings. Now tanks to the Internet and Google and You that have brought me the meaning of the song . It is just as beautiful as I always guessed all along.