Oi (Ой) ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


Alert, alert- the wolf has stolen bunnies...
And who is screaming behind the wall - whose daddy and mummy...
We are short of love,
we'll all die from scurvy,
here ether hide the amber,
or prepare the whips.
and I didn't finish grammar school - between the hemispheres
with blind bullet straight in the forehead spited proletarian.
A distant bedroom will become the forest ravine,
you will say to me: Auschwitz,
and I will say : Gulag for me.
And the herd doesn't need shepherd, the herd needs a butcher!
Mirage and red bunting! A broad sword and a round bread loaf!
Work like a farmhand, for there is a veterinarian!
Fiddler, make a fool of me!
And I'm kulak,* basmach*, I'm contra,* I'm a snitch!
I'm - criminal element!
I'm - the most honest policeman!
I'm decadent and decedent ( serve me the absinthe)
I'm - the hero of the legends!
I'm- the working man, a chock, a Jew!
I'm - the country! And how I can live on?
People, sing a song, sing,
sing, who is not yet extinct...
Sing, sing, together sing,
sing, who is still... Oh...
And you, hick-hick, go to Fedot,
and then to Jacob, on any raccoon,
that up to the vomit screwing our brains-
I'm in centrifuge, already can't see anything.
Even more revolutions- time to split...
You can't run away from yourself, even to Bali...
And the cat got pains, the dog got pains- disappear,
and those that we love, let them be without pain-amen.
So, will we beat or we won't beat- that is the question, Shakespeare!
They have sex-feast, and you catch your six holes to your side!
if you need a reason-all right...
Your only fault, because they want to eat!
We have here a tough regime,
the guys sharpening the knifes,
and you, come on, keep up the pressure, like antitank hedgehogs!
The Behemoth cult followers pulling you into the swamp,
and you answer them- with hope, love and work.
People, sing a song, sing,
sing, who is not yet extinct...
Sing, sing, together sing,
sing, who is still... Oh...
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Kulak- wealthy owner- farmer( during the Russian civil war after the revolution, most of them were killed or send to Siberia). Basmachi- people who fought against Russian Communist regime in Central Asia. Contra- everybody who were against Bolsheviks regime( Sometime innocent people wrongly accused and executed) I think the whole idea of this song comes from very old Russian fable by A. Krylov, about the wolf and the lamb. It's a long story and in short version the wolf meets the lamb near the stream and start conversation about how bad were the lamb owners to him in the past and he should eat the lamb. The lamb, in his defense, said , look, I didn't do anything to you, what do I have to do with all this. After the long conversation the wolf said to the lamb: Your only fault is that, because I'm hungry. He said and took the lamb in to the woods. The moral is: The strongest will always find excuse to take something from the week, or kill them, because somody did something in the past.
Anatoli Trojanowski.


Oi (Ой)

Sophia_    Sábado, 26/05/2018 - 21:36

Nice translation, Anatoliy!