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Mi ricordo che la prima volta
mi son detta: "ora tocca a te".
E ridevo e piangevo e dicevo
"amore, amore, amore..."
Ma quale amore? Cosa amore? Dove amore,
se l'amore non conosce me?
E, piano piano, ho imparato a rinunciare.
non ero ancora preparata, io
con tutta la mia buona fede, io
ho provato e dopo riprovato
e ancora riprovato,
e poi ho creduto di trovare
chi invece mi ha sconfitto
più che mai!
col niente grande che io ho,
inevitabilmente, io
ricominciare ancora...
Sì, eccomi
o non sarei più stata io...
Vuoi darmi un'altra storia, Dio?
Vuoi darmela
o tocca sempre solo a me?
Sempre solo a me gli stessi sbagli
e sono loro che mi cercano!
Mi son fatta grande,
mi son fatta molto piccola;
son stata un verso
e poi, una parola inutile.
Sono stata fantasia
ma tutto questo è da buttare via...
Io non posso, non voglio, non devo
non credo, io no!
Ma quante volte ancora
una deve pagare; perché
tutto è finito?
Mi resta la forza di dire
che tutto davvero è finito...
Dio! O mio Dio,
con niente che mi resta, io
potrò ricominciare,
Adicionado por Metodius em Segunda-feira, 18/06/2018 - 18:51
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Here I Am

I remember the first time
I told myself: "now it is your turn".
And I laughed and I cried and I'd say
"Love, love, love..."
But, which love? What love? Where's love,
When love doesn't know anything about me?
And, very slowly, I learned to renounce to it all.
I wasn't ready yet.
With all of my goodwill, I
Tried and later, tried again
And tried yet once more
And then, I thought I had found the one;
He, instead, has made me feel lower
Than I'd ever been (before)!
Here I am,
With this great nothingness I have.
Inevitably, I
(Must) restart all over again...
Yes, here I am,
Or I wouldn't be me anymore...
Won't you give me another story, Lord?
Won't you give it to me
Or must I always be the one to suffer?
I'm ever stuck with the same problems
Which always keep finding me!
I have made myself great,
I have made myself very small;
I've been a full verse
And then, a useless word.
I've been a fantasy,
But all of this is worth nothing...
I can't, I don't want to, I mustn't
I don't believe it; not me!
But how many times yet
One must pay, because
Everything is over?
I have enough strength left to say
That everything is truly over...
Lord! Oh my Lord,
With what I have left, which is naught, I
Will be able to start again,
Adicionado por Metodius em Segunda-feira, 18/06/2018 - 19:18
Metodius    Terça-feira, 19/06/2018 - 09:53

I'm really glad that you like this! Regular smile It is sad indeed, but very beautiful.

petit élève    Terça-feira, 19/06/2018 - 10:24

I would remove the braces. Nothing to be shy of, it's just the way English says things Regular smile

More than I'd ever been (before)! -> "more down" doesn't sound too good to me. Maybe "lower than I'd ever been" ?

The same problems always with me
And they are the ones who keep looking for me! -> maybe a bit of rephrasing would make it sound more natural. "I'm stuck with the same problems and they keep looking for me" or something like that ?

With naught of what I've left -> "I've left" would mean "I have left [something behind]"
"Since I am left with nothing" seems safer to me, if not a word for word translation.

Metodius    Terça-feira, 19/06/2018 - 09:54

You're completely right. I have made the relevant changes and tried to polish everything a little - my only excuse is that when I did the translation, it was late at night and I had had a long day.

Thank you for your help!